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From the Radio Ecoshock Blog ...
May 13th 2016
Seas rising much faster, super storms in the coming decades, doubling and re-doubling of polar ice melt - new Hansen paper. We talk with co-author Isabella Velicogna, and with Ottawa climate scientist Paul Beckwith. Also: the Canadian super fire at Fort …
May 4th 2016
This week: why knowing more about climate change could help you stall doing anything about it. Decision expert Joe Arvai joins us. We'll end with a voice from the first refugees from rising seas. But first, an industry insider says recycling is a myth …
April 27th 2016
UK Geo-hazards expert Dr. Bill McGuire ("Waking the Giants") on recent quakes & links to climate change. Oregon Professor Robert Yeats new book "Earthquake Time Bombs" - most cities at risk from quakes or mega-tsunamis. About 12,000 years ago there wa…
April 20th 2016
Signs climate has entered abrupt shift. Includes Dr. James Hansen's video abstract of new science. Special report on smoke pollution from Indonesian peat fires by correspondent Yew Jin Lee, with 3 experts. Sample from "Unwelcome Guests" #726 "The Flight …
April 13th 2016
With what we know about climate change, should anyone add another child into that future? We'll get two points of view from women who write about it: Madeline Ostrander and Alisha Graves. Then we hear recent science from Dr. Marcus Donat proving extrem…

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A one hour weekly program.  


In Spring of 2012 the show was broadcast by 60 college and community stations, in the United States and Canada, plus one commercial station (KNEW 960 San Francisco).  In the UK, Radio Ecoshock plays on Resonance FM, London.

Radio Ecoshock is also broadcast by satellite (Star Choice 845), by cable (in British Columbia, Canada), by podcast, and downloads from our site,  


Program Directors can also use the one-page site for station support at

Ecoshock is provided free to all radio stations.  It contains no advertising, does not push any politcal party, business, or group views.  The program is funded by the host, Alex Smith.



A long-time environmental activist, former reporter, one-time private investigator, father, world-traveler, host for the past six years of the non-profit weekly program "Radio Ecoshock".


This program combines:

* original interviews with scientists, experts, and activists from all over the world


* original speeches recorded by Alex Smith


* other audio from public sources or used with permission of the producer


* royalty-free music, sound effects, and old radio clips from my large private collection


Occasionally we include either a sample or a complete copyright song, assuming our stations have a licensing agreement with the music industry.  We may include film clips, where we interview the producer.


The main thrust of the program is to help create a better environment, safe for all coming generations.

Listeners hear a lot about climate change, the oceans, safe food production, toxics, living forests and the like.  Climate change is our largest single issue.

Secondarily, we also cover related issues like the fossil fuel supply system, including peak oil, dangerous nuclear accidents, drilling and mining safety, and the impact of dwindling or dirty fuel supplies on our daily lives.

Very rarely, we cover serious financial problems and our personal economy, especially when it endangers switching to safer energy options, or endangers the environment.

And in case the situation fails, we also provide help with self-reliance, localization, transition, healthy eating, and food storage.


From a home studio in Vancouver, Canada.  Our home station is CFRO Co-op Radio in downtown Vancouver.  We have contibuting correspondents in Washington D.C., San Francisco, London, and other places.


Alex Smith lived in the United States, in California and Florida.  His father lived there, his brother is an  American.  Alex has traveled to all the lower 48 states, knows the country, has followed American news closely for many years.

Most of the Radio Ecoshock audience is American (about 80%) followed by Canada (about 10%), the UK, Australia, Switzerland (?!), Scandinavia, Russia, and more.  We get email from all over the world, and will phone a guest anywhere to get the story.

Many American listeners are not aware the program originates in Canada.  We also have contributors from Canada, the UK, and Australia.


Radio Ecoshock provides 45 original shows a year, non-stop from September 1st through the first week of July, holidays included.

For the summer months, we post special shows and some re-runs, based on listener choice - the most downloaded shows from the previous 45 week run.  Stations can get those in advance, before the July 4th weekend from any of our distribution hubs, and  


The program is posted and distributed in several ways.  There are two versions of the program: (a) a one hour non-stop version and (b) the program as two 29 minute segments (for stations needing time for ID and/or announcements.)  Decide which is best for you.

#1. Posted on Pacifica Audioport each Wednesday by 3 pm (Pacific Time), as two 29 minute segments.  That allows stations 2 minutes for station ID and announcements.  No music underbed is provided.  You get 58 minutes of program, split into two halves, leaving timing decisions up to you.

#2. There is a CD Quality mp3 podcast of the full 1 hour show (no breaks) for other stations, going out over Itunes and other Podcast distributers, Wednesday by 8 pm Pacific (often earlier).  Find the podcast symbol on this special net page:
Click on that symbol, find the onscreen instructions, and you will get the radio-quality podcast weekly and automatically.


For automated downloads:

Stations can also download the two 29 minute segments version, (allowing time for station ID & announcements) from and other sources (Pacifica Audioport,  


The two file names are set up for automatic retrieval using a script or download agent.  Each file name is based on the Wednesday date e.g. 120328EcoshockPart1.mp3 and 120328EcoshockPart2.mp3  Only the date changes.

#3. The full one hour program is posted at (Wednesday by 8 pm Pacific).  You can find a listing of our programs, in date order, newest at the top, at this url:

That is a handy page if you are looking for past shows to run in empty time slots.  Most of our shows have a long shelf-life, are safe to run any time, unless the content description specifically states a news item (like "the latest on the Fukushima nuclear disaster").

Another easier address which shows our newest program is here:

Click on the item to see the details page, where you can download the high quality mp3, as you would any other download on the Net.

#4. The show is posted at the independent radio distribution site
Posting times vary, from Wednesday right through Sunday.  Guaranteed to be there by Sunday.
Find the latest, and past programs in chronological order on this page:

The radio4all posting has both the 1 hour straight-through show, and two 29 minute segments in radio-ready CD quality mp3 format.

#5. If possible, we like to have an email address for each Program Director.  In some unforseen emergency, it might be possible to send the program to you directly using the YouSendIt file delivery system.  That has never happened yet, but it's a good backup.


Email is best (I check often) to:

In case of emergency, or something you want to discuss, phone: 604-420-2133

Please remember I am in Pacific Time, please do not call in the morning from the East Coast (you will wake me up).


Please email or phone me.  I like to talk radio, and work hard to support my stations.